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Digital Collection
The purpose of collecting Insect specimens is to provide a reliable evidence for natural history by gathering the specimens themselves and their related information. By studying the specimens, we are able to supply the results for a pathway of learning and understanding more about natural history. Therefore, the specimen collection is going to be used for general exhibition, scientific education and also for researches. Recently, the convention of biodiversity and its related issues remind us that paying much attention to those highly diversified groups, such as insects, is needed. For sustainable use of insect resources, we must use a much efficient way to manage the specimens. Specimens are the priceless treasure, they deserves careful management and maintaining. This project focus on the insect collections in Taiwan Agriculture Research Institute Insect museum. We plan to setup the hardware and software renewal of our collections, try to setup a specimen managing system and also specimen digitization for the unnecessary damage of those priceless specimen.
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